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Basics of Microsoft PowerPoint

There are many presentation software packages available, but Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular. The program includes a diverse range of features that when used correctly can make your presentation brilliant.

Before creating a PowerPoint presentation, you should know some basic things about making your presentation great. Here are some dos and don’ts basics of PowerPoint:


Here’s a list of guidelines for creating your PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Use one theme for the entire background.
  • Use simple and easy-to-read fonts.
  • Add bullet points.
  • Only include key information on each slide using concise wording.
  • Have minimal text on a slide.
  • Provide definitions where necessary.
  • Use whitespace to make visual elements stand out.


These are things you want to avoid doing when creating your PowerPoint presentation

  • Using too many graphics on one slide.
  • Adding unimportant information on a slide
  • Writing your script on your slide.
  • Using distracting images or backgrounds.
  • Using hard-to-read colour combinations.

Simple PowerPoint Tips

Using PowerPoint for the first time can seem overwhelming. Where do you begin? PowerPoint is very easy to use once you understand the basics.

Use a consistent theme

Choose a PowerPoint template that suits your presentation needs. Templates that are related to your topic can streamline your presentation creation process and create a cohesive look. Otherwise, you can use PowerPoint elements, your design sense, and your brand’s colour palette to make your own theme.

Add Text

Text is essential to every PowerPoint presentation allowing you to back up your main points. It also keeps readers’ minds on the key terms and concepts. The text you choose to place on the slides should never appear in large blocks because it can be overwhelming to the audience.

Instead, your text should appear lists of single words or short, easy-to-understand statements. Limit the text on your slide to:

  • definitions
  • key points
  • captions
  • essential facts

Add Images

Images can be used to evoke emotion in the audience. You can also use images to show what you’re talking about. They can also be used to keep the audience interested in your presentation. You can use images to simplify and reinforce the goal or the message of your presentation.

Use Charts and Graphs

The best way to present data is by using graphs and charts. Graphs and charts provide a visual component to your presentation that can be helpful in noticing trends and comparisons. Also, it can be hard to see data in an Excel spreadsheet if you’re seated in the audience.

Rehearse your PowerPoint presentation

A trial run is always a good idea to ensure that your slides are correctly arranged and your animations are working correctly.

Updated on July 11, 2023

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