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Beginners Guide – Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook lets you work efficiently with email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more.

Overview: Microsoft Outlook

With Outlook on your PC, Mac or mobile device, you can:

  • Organize your email to focus on the messages that matter most.
  • Manage your calendar to schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Share files from the cloud so everyone always has the latest version.
  • Stay connected and productive wherever you are.

Users can share attachments straight from OneDrive, access contacts and view LinkedIn profiles, while booking conference rooms and tracking RSVPs for meetings can be done right from your calendar.

You can also make plans and coordinate schedules by sharing calendars and seeing when your co-workers are available.

Outlook will also anticipate your needs. Travel and bill payments are automatically added to your calendar, and intelligent reminders help keep you on track. Search helps you find information quickly.

Quick Start Guide

New to Microsoft Outlook? Use this guide to learn the basics…

You can download a PDF version of this guide here

First Time Setup

These steps are the same whether you’re adding your first email account or additional email accounts to Outlook.

Published October 11, 2022, by Jonathan Lawton.

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