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Chat and Call Functions – Microsoft Teams

Initiate Specific Chats and Calls


Chats within your team channels are specific to a project, work department, client or even for fun. But the functionality of chats doesn’t end there. You can create private chats, pin chats, format messages to really stand out and even make an audio or video call all within your channels.

Organising chat threads

When you need to talk specifics with a small group of collaborators or initiate a private 1-2-1 conversation it takes mere seconds to set up. Chats can be started within an existing channel project, topic or department so you can stay on-message and progress your workflow.

Click the ‘new chat’ icon on the left-hand side of your Teams account, give the chat a name that is relevant to your conversation and type in people’s names to select and add them into the dialogue.

Prioritising chats

Some conversations will be more important than others, particularly if you have a major deadline looming or a complex piece of ongoing work. Your most recent chats will always be visible in the left-hand side.

Teams will allow you to pin up to 15 chats, so they appear prioritised at the top of your chat window. Simply select ‘more options’ to pin the chat and unpin it once the content of the chat has been actioned. You can even mute or hide a chat if it’s no longer relevant. A chat can never be completely deleted so don’t worry it will always be there if you need access again.

Making a call

Sometimes a quick audio call or video call is easier than typing out a chat message. Choose from the ‘video call’ or ‘audio call’ icon and select the names of the people you wish to speak to or see – it’s that easy.

Listen to voice messages, view your missed call log and call people back all from within your Teams contact lists. You can even use keyword shortcuts or call someone outside of Teams by selecting ‘dial call’.

Formatting a message

Make your message stand out by using the built-in formatting options such as bold, italic, underlined or indented text, bullet lists or highlighted sentences. Include links to documents, apps or URLs where your collaborators can read more or check information.

Start your message in the channel and select the features you want to include from the ‘format’ bar beneath your text. Make sure your message attracts attention with an optional headline, colour scheme or background image by choosing to create an ‘announcement’.

Communicate anywhere at any time

Eliminate the need to carry multiple devices and sync everything between your computer and your phone. Access your workflow and communicate from anywhere in the world at any time to suit your schedule.

Teams will enable you to use your mobile phone as an instant walkie talkie when connected to Wi-Fi to communicate with colleagues – never worry about noisy static, interference or limitations with range again.

Keeps tabs on your activity feed

Staying abreast of everything in your channels is simple as you can view everything in one place by clicking ‘activity’ in the top left of your Teams window. A red circle will always indicate new notifications that require your attention.

Filter your feed to drill down and view unread messages, see your replies, @mentions, likes and check out any missed calls or app notifications. @mentions are split into your personal @mentions, @team mentions and @channel mentions.

Your activity feed will suggest posts you might be interested in and trending posts – a little like your favourite social media platforms. Select the option ‘my feed’ to view only your own activity and even listen to a voicemail on your computer.

Teams on the go

If you are out and about Teams will easily sync all its features with your mobile device from your desktop so you can keep tabs on everything happening in real time.

Open the Teams app on your device and tap ‘activity’ to bring up your activity feed. Here, you will see unread messages, replies, likes, @mentions and can respond to anything you need to. The filter feature is available on your mobile too, so you can easily find the information and chats you need.

Walkie talkie app

Exactly like the traditional on-site walkie talkie radio, your mobile can turn into a secure instant voice communication device using the Teams walkie talkie feature.

Open Teams, tap the ‘walkie talkie’ option at the bottom of the screen and find the channel you need. A red circle will show you who’s online so you can tap their name to talk instantly and release to hear their reply. This feature is super useful if you need to check inventories when you’re on the retail shop floor with a customer, need to speak to the factory production line or if you’re out in the field.

Connect with a headset to be handsfree and heads-up for greater productivity!

Updated on October 11, 2022

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