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How to manage your Unipass Identity

How to manage your Unipass Identity
Managing your Unipass Identity (Financial Services)

What is a Unipass Identity?

Your Unipass Identity is an electronic form of identification that lets you prove who you are when you log on to the online services of Unipass Identity enabled financial service companies – including product provider websites and / or extranet portal sites.

It works by registering some personal and security information, that only you will know, and issuing you with at least one credential that you can use to prove who you are (e.g., Unipass digital certificate and / or Unipass Username / Passphrase).

How to manage your Unipass Identity

You can manage your Unipass certificate on the Unipass portal using the link below. You can renew and cancel a certificate if a device is lost or stolen from the account management page.

Migrate your Unipass Identity to a new device

The following video provides step by step instructions on how to export your Unipass certificate from your old device to a new device.

How to migrate Unipass to a new device

Time needed: 5 minutes

This tutorial shows you how you can export your Unipass Identity certificate from one device to another. It should only be followed if you have been issued with a new device and not if your computer or laptop has been stolen.

  1. Export Certificate (old device)

    You can export your Unipass Identity certificate from one machine to another using the Certificate Export Wizard in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, You will need to set a password when performing the export, it’s important you keep this safe as it will be required later in the process. (see 0m 20s on video)

  2. Transfer Certificate

    You can now Transfer the exported certificate via USB device or OneDrive to your new device.

  3. Import Certificate (new device)

    Once the file is transfered to the new device you can use the Certificate import wizard in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to import the certificate to the new device, you will be asked to enter the password you setup in step 1 to complete the process. (see 2m 53s on video)

  4. Test Certificate

    You can now test your Unipass security certificate to ensure its working correctly on the Unipass website using this link.

How can I keep my Unipass certificate safe?

Your Unipass digital certificate makes use of a technology called public key cryptography. During the collection process, your computer creates two keys: a public key and a private key – the ‘public’ key is stored within your digital certificate, and is also stored in the Unipass repository, the ‘private’ key is stored on your computer.

The integrity of your Unipass depends on your private key being controlled exclusively by you, no-one else should have access to your private key. It is generated locally on your computer and is never transmitted to us.

Please Note: Its your responsibility to protect your private key. Anyone who obtains your private key can forge your digital signature and take actions in your name.

When should I revoke my Unipass certificate?

You should revoke your Unipass certificate in the following circumstances:

  • If your computer has been lost or stolen
  • If you no longer require your Unipass certificate
  • If you believe that the security of your Unipass certificate has been compromised
  • If you change role at work or you leave your current employer

Further help and support

If you are experiencing issues with your Unipass certificate you can contact the Unipass Customer Service Team, the team are available Mon to Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm via telephone on 0131 385 8888.

Updated on April 25, 2023

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