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Start a Quick Meeting – Microsoft Teams

Starting an Instant Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Start a quick meeting from Team’s calendar

This is a great option if you need to create a meeting on the go, a good example is when you are on the phone to a client and just need to switch to an online meeting to show documents etc.

  1. Go to Calendar Meetings button on the left side of Teams, then select Meet now Meet now button in the upper right corner.
  2. You’ll have a chance to set a few things up before you start your meeting. Give it a title, choose whether you want to use video, and pick your preferred audio source.
  3. When you’re ready, hit Join now.

Congratulations! Your meeting is now up and running—you just need people to join you. 

To invite people:

  1. (Internal Staff) Start typing the name or phone number of someone you want to invite in the box under People in the top right. Select them when they appear in the list, and they’ll get a call right away.
  2. (External Users) Another option is to copy the meeting link and send it to anyone you want to meet with, and they can join by selecting it. Just choose Copy join info and paste the link in a message.

If you don’t have time to create a meeting via Outlook or Microsoft Teams, starting an instant meeting is a great option. Just like with scheduled meetings, everyone who attends your meeting will continue to have access to the meeting chat, the recording, and anything else people share in the meeting (like files and meeting notes), even after the meeting ends.

To rejoin the same meeting anytime, find the meeting chat in your chat list and select Join.

Updated on October 11, 2022

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