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Managed IT services, our guide to less stress and more success.

Managed IT Services

Overview – Managed IT Services

Technology is great, and that’s a real benefit to your business when it’s working…

When technology stops working properly, everyone suffers – patience is tested, emotions run high among staff, customers and suppliers, and operations (can) grind to a halt. The entire supply chain takes the hit.

In this guide show how outsourced managed IT services can help businesses to reduce complexity, improve productivity and boost growth. We will also explore some of the common challenges faced by businesses when delaing with technology in the workplace.

Hixon GroupManaged IT Services Provider (MSP) in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Vanessa Fuller - Premier Tax

” The biggest difference is the continued innovation and forward thinking, I think that’s really important for any business that wants to use technology to improve performance and efficiency. “

Vanessa Fuller – Premier Tax Limited, Stoke on Trent.

What is a managed IT service?

Managed IT services are a selection of services that provide proactive, outsourced IT support, maintenance, and management of technology services for businesses.

Working with a trusted managed IT Services provider is much like having your own fully qualified IT support department at a fraction of the cost, proactively monitoring, and preventing IT issues before they impact your business.

This ensures optimal technology performance, security, and scalability, allowing companies to focus on core operations while minimising downtime and IT-related stress.

Andy Chell – The Culture Coach – Staffordshire.

” The team pride themselves on a proactive service, so solving issues for clients before they become problems… whenever I get an issue I know that the support desk will sort it for me “

Andy Chell – The Culture Coach – Staffordshire.

Why choose managed IT services?

Choosing a managed IT solution will remove the responsibility of running IT equipment and software from the office novice and place it in the hands of professional experts.

Information technology is the backbone of your business and it deserves to be monitored, serviced and upgraded as and when needed. Well-oiled technology allows you, as a business owner, and your management team to make informed decisions about the best way to progress your organisation.

Efficient technology improves productivity and reliability so staff can carry out their work without crashing applications. A happier team makes a more productive team, which results in more money added to your bottom line.


” I have been working with the team at Hixon Group for over 5 years. They are my #1 IT services provider, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business. “

Pam Allen – PA Today – South Cheshire.

What do managed IT services include?

Our managed IT services are dedicated to the optimal performance of your IT equipment, hardware / software and cyber security.

Our expert technicians will manage an inventory of your entire IT setup to ensure that business-critical operations are in place, such as data backups, programme updates and security checks.

The solutions we provide are tailored to your business needs so you’ll only pay for what you need and you’ll gain added value through performance data and cost-saving exercises. We work as part of your own team to fully understand your business operations, your goals, and identify where proficiencies can be improved.

New technology can then be integrated seamlessly and staff supported through troubleshooting to ensure that the right people get the right level of access and the right applications to work with.

You can sleep easy knowing your systems will be remotely monitored, security updates managed and problems patched in the background so that you never need to worry when a data breach story hits the headlines.


” Not only have they supported our head office “traditional” IT services but have allowed us to roll out new EPOS/Back-office across multiple sites. We were able to quickly and effectively outsource all our requirements for this critical project. “

Rob Crossland – Totally Delicious, Nationwide.

The benefits of working with a managed IT services provider

  • Improve productivity and team collaboration
  • Ensure data security and GDPR compliance
  • Improve reliability & prevent IT system downtime
  • Meet the demands of the modern workplace
  • Access cost-effective & scalable IT services
  • Boost business growth & enhance profitability

Common Business IT Challenges

We often hear from from frustrated business owners looking for outsourced IT services, some just have a single issue like a laptop that wont boot or a screen that wont work, others are at breaking point with multiple issues that keep costing them valuble time and money.

1) Lack of Technical Skills

Among the most common problems a business owner will have when trying to manage technology systems is time and technical skills.

As a business owner, you’re always juggling many tasks – from finances and HR to suppliers and technology. It’s a lot to handle every day.

2) IT Security & Data Protection

Every time you turn on the news there are more and more stories about companies who have had their data stolen due to cyber-attacks.

Suddenly we have an influx of enquiries until its forgotten again, people often forget that instead of letting your data be compromised due to a lack of planning, you can work with IT professionals to establish a secure backup of business data.

3) Reliability & Productivity Issues

Having constant computer and network issues can lead to your business coming to a grinding halt. Allowing these problems to persist will only decrease the level of productivity your company.

Often we hear from desperate employees don’t have a reliable network to use, it eventually starts to cause a lot of problems and can lead to you losing customers.

4) Hardware Maintenance

Waiting until your computer network crashes to get it repaired usually costs you a lot of money and time. The key to keeping these types of problems to a minimum is by having your network devices routinely maintained and updated.

It’s much like the company van, if you don’t look after it and get it serviced regularly it wont be long before you are left stranded at the side of the road with smoke coming from under the bonnet.

5) Remote Workplace & Collaboration

The need for flexible working and remote working has increase dramatically over the last 3 years and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively regardless of location is key to the success of any modern business.

A common theme we hear is business owners that are struggling to keep team productive whilst adapting to the modern workplace.

It doesnt need to be this way and using tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace properly can really help improve collaboration, security, productivity and communication.

Further Information

Are you ready to solve your business technology challenges?

We’re actually quite a sociable bunch at Hixon Group and not (as misconceptions of our industry would have it) a bunch of cartoon t-shirt wearing IT geeks huddled in a darkened room.

If you are looking for a solution that will eliminate the frustration and uncertainty of technology and help to improve business productivity, reduce operating costs and save time, book a free consultation today.

Enjoy less stress and more success with tailored managed IT services from the technology specialists at Hixon Group Limited, Staffordshire’s leading managed services provider.

Call our friendly team: 01782 365124 or drop us an email: support@hixongroup.com

Published November 1, 2023, by Jonathan Lawton.

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