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New AI-powered Bing features now available in Windows 11

Windows 11 now includes AI-powered Bing features that are available to end users right now!

Overview: Windows 11 AI Powered Features Update

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been overhauled with its AI capabilities directly built into the Windows 11 operating system to provide end users with more accurate and personalised results.

New features make it easier than ever to find what you need and connect to what’s important.

New Features

Here are just a few of the new AI powered features vailable to Windows 11 users:

  1. Intelligent Answers: Bing can now provide instant answers to your questions without the need to navigate through dozens of search results. The AI-powered feature is capable of understanding complex queries and providing relevant, concise answers.
  2. Visual Search: Bing now has a visual search feature that enables users to search using images. You can take a picture from your phone and use it to search for related content online.
  3. Enhanced translation: Bing’s translation feature has been improved with AI capabilities to provide more accurate translations. It can now translate entire web pages and can detect the language input automatically.
  4. Recipe search: For food enthusiasts, Bing’s recipe search feature has received a significant upgrade through AI. You can now search for specific diets, ingredients, or recipe names and find relevant results instantly.

With these new AI-powered Bing features, Windows 11 users can enjoy an intelligent, personalised, and more accurate search experience.

Official Microsoft Blog: Introducing a big update to Windows 11 making the everyday easier including bringing the new AI-powered Bing to the taskbar

Updated on July 11, 2023

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