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Nurturing Sustainability: We’ve Partnered with Nurture CIC

Nurture CIC Partnership

Fostering Collective Action for Environmental Sustainability

In today’s rapidly changing world, the importance of environmental sustainability has taken center stage. As we face pressing challenges related to climate change, biodiversity loss, and overall well-being, the need for concerted efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future has never been more apparent. In this journey of transformation, collaboration becomes a powerful catalyst for change.

One local organisation that stands out in fostering this spirit of collective action is Nurture CIC. They are Based at Keele Science & Innovation Park, a not-for-profit social enterprise with a remarkable vision.

Nurture CIC’s Remarkable Vision

Nurture CIC is more than just an another sustainability organisation – it is a driving force that unites local businesses, individuals, and communities in a shared mission to create accessible, outdoor spaces that flourish as havens for wildlife, enhance biodiversity, and promote mental health and well-being.

Their holistic approach to sustainability encompasses environmental, social, and organisational-cultural aspects. This makes them a beacon of inspiration for all those who aspire to make a positive impact.

For businesses like ours, partnering with Nurture CIC is not merely a collaboration; it is a commitment to realising our aspirations of contributing to a more sustainable world.

By joining forces, we gain a platform to plan, execute, manage, and support projects that are driven by the principles of sustainability. This partnership opens doors to actively participate in projects that resonate with our local communities, such as, the nurturing of the Woodmeadow Walk (View on Google Maps) on the esteemed grounds of Keele University campus.

Keele Woodmeadow Walk

The Woodmeadow Walk offers much more than just a scenic pathway. It is a testament to the collective power of collaborative action.

Maintained through the efforts of Nurture CIC and its dedicated team of volunteers, this site plays a pivotal role in Keele University’s prestigious ‘Hedgehog Friendly Campus’ accreditation. Beyond this accolade, it serves as a thriving ecosystem that beckons wildlife and fosters biodiversity, embodying the very essence of sustainability.

What sets Nurture CIC apart is their unwavering belief that genuine change is born from the collaborative spirit of people working towards a shared goal. Their approach goes beyond rhetoric – it is a daily practice that transforms ideals into tangible results. Through their tireless endeavors, they help businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibility targets. In turn, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond organisational boundaries.

In a world where environmental concerns have taken center stage, working with Nurture CIC becomes a strategic investment in the future.

Enabling us to attract and retain individuals who share our commitment to sustainability, thus strengthening our workforce with a shared sense of purpose. As we navigate these critical times, aligning with Nurture CIC not only amplifies our impact but also reinforces the core values that define us.

Jonathan Lawton – Founder – Hixon Group

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

In essence, collaborating with Nurture CIC is an invitation to join a transformative journey. It is an opportunity to turn ideals into action, aspirations into accomplishments, and dreams into reality. As we forge ahead towards a more sustainable and resilient world, let us remember that the spirit of collective action, exemplified by Nurture CIC, is what paves the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Updated on August 17, 2023

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