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Sage Accounts & Payroll – Setup Default Printers

Default Printer Setup In Sage Payroll & Accounts

The default printer used by ‘Sage Accounts’ and ‘Sage Payroll’ reports is established when the Sage program is installed on each computer. This installation process will typically take the computer’s default printer, at the time of installation, and set this as the default printer for all of Sage’s reports going forward.

If this physical printer is subsequently replaced, and the computer’s default printer is changed to a new one, Sage will not normally recognise the change and thus, will continue to attempt to print to its original default printer, even if this has been switched off or even entirely removed.

What this means is, if the printer used by Sage on a particular computer is replaced, it will normally be necessary to go into each Sage program and change the default printer for its reports.

And just to make matters worse, you cannot change the default printer for all reports in one go, you have to change the default printer on every report in sage, one at a time.

Configure Default Printer

Within ‘Sage Accounts’ or ‘Sage Payroll’ navigate to the selected reports option.  For example, clicking on the “Reports” button bar options in the ‘Customers’ view in Accounts

Sage Menu Options

In the ‘Report Browser’ highlight the report that you wish to change the default printer for and then click on the “Edit” option.  This will open the Sage ‘Report Designer’ program

Edit Option - Report Designer

To change the default printer then follow the following instructions:

In Sage ‘Report Designer’ click on File on the menu bar and select ‘Page Setup…’

In the Setup window click on the ‘Printer…’ button in the bottom right-hand corner

Select the new printer and then click ‘OK’ to the printer selection window and ‘OK’ on the ‘Page Setup’ window too

Select ‘File’ and ‘Exit’ in Sage ‘Report Designer’ and click on “Yes” to the prompt to save report changes

Updated on October 11, 2022

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