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Troubleshooting Issues in Microsoft Teams

This guide covers some of the most common issues that users have encountered and reported to us while using Microsoft Teams, along with the solutions to fix them.

Overview: Microsoft Teams Common Issues

Troubleshooting Micrsoft Teams, as with troubleshooting any app, starts with a process of elimination. Please remember that this article is constantly under review and will be updated frequently to reflect common issues experienced by users in the Microsoft Teams sotware.

Blank screen when opening Microsoft Teams

  • Close Teams and Outlook
  • Open File Explorer
  • Delete the “Teams” folder from the following location:

  • Restart Teams

Unable to establish a connection to Microsoft Teams

The most obvious (and often overlooked) solution if you’re having an issue connecting to Microsoft Teams, is to make sure that your device can access other networks or online content. If you are connected to the internet but Teams is still inaccessible, you can visit the Microsoft Teams status page to check the Teams service status.

Quick / Temp Fix: If you’re in a rush and a meeting is about to start, use the teams web client via your internet browser and then return to these fixes after because some of them take time, and require restarting the client or your PC.

To do this right click the join link in outlook > copy the link then paste the link into the browser. When prompted click use teams in web browser.

Updated on October 25, 2022

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