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How To Request a Copy Invoice

How To Request a Copy Invoice To request a copy of an invoice please contact us, you can do this in a number of ways: Email: support@hixongroup.com Telephone: 01782 694288 Online: Submit a Request Please ensure you provide your company name and the month of when the...

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How Do I Cancel a Direct Debit?

How Do I Cancel a Direct Debit? You can cancel a Direct Debit mandate in one of the following ways: Directly with your bank or via your online banking; By contacting us directly to request that we cancel the direct debit; Or by submitting a ticket with...

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How To Update Your Direct Debit

How To Update Your Direct Debit If making payments through the Bacs (UK) Direct Debit scheme, you can either get in touch with the GoCardless Support team via phone who will be happy to update the bank account you’re making payments from. If you would like to do this,...

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How To Setup a Direct Debit?

How To Setup a Direct Debit? To set up a new Direct Debit, we will need to provide you with an authorisation form to complete. This is an online form and will most commonly be sent to you via email. You can also setup a direct debit mandate here if you cannot find the...

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What’s a Direct Debit Mandate?

What's a Direct Debit Mandate? A mandate (also known as a "Direct Debit Instruction" or "Direct Debit Request") is set up on a customer's bank account when a Direct Debit is authorised for a specific merchant, usually via our online form. An active mandate needs...

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What’s The Direct Debit Guarantee?

What's The Direct Debit Guarantee? The Direct Debit Guarantee offers protection to customers paying by Direct Debit in the rare event that there is an error in a payment. If a business receives a payment they are not entitled to, they must pay it back at the payee's...

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How Secure Are Online Transactions?

How Secure Are Online Transactions? All access to the online ordering system at Hixon Group is granted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology, which encrypts personal information you provide during the ordering process. Therefore, your personal information is...

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Is It Safe To Pay Online?

Is It Safe To Pay Online? Hixon Group maintains compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to ensure payment card data security and provide a secure ecommerce environment for our customers. The PCI DSS standard specifies requirements for...

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